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Reviewed by Annette M.

I purchased this case as a first knife roll for my daughter. I am a professional caterer and take great pride in my knife collection I have acquired over the years and my daughter shares my love of cooking. I have been looking for something like this to give her with a few starter knives as a birthday gift. (She loved it. I included a paring knife and a chef knife) It looked just like the pictures so beautiful, elegant, durable, and an all around quality product. Due to the way it folds I can even pack a cleaver easily, and the length leaves plenty of room for a long carving knife. You can tell it was designed by a chef, for a chef. I highly recommend it. Thanks for the fast delivery! Great knife roll!!!

Reviewed by Brad G.

Reviewed by Matthew F.

Reviewed by Nick C.

I'm a chef with vast experience in fine cuisine and just got this knife bag for Christmas from my wife. To start what a GREAT looking knife roll! The color is just so perfect, look luxurious and expensive. It didn’t take us long to replace our old fairly plain looking knife roll with this because it looks so good. I have always used a knife roll in the past, but I really like the layered format of this bag. It’s well designed and keep my knives from sliding around. Very good material and unique design. Easy to carry and I love it.

 love it and am always getting compliments! Really durable, superb craftsmanship, just the right size - perfect all around!

I'm in love with Hohmage knife roll. The price point is considerably low considering the high quality. The knife roll rocks, it combines a durable, waxed leather exterior with two side pockets and a very snug fit for as much as 8 different knives. I would say that for the price, this is the best knife roll you're going to find... This is a quality product, perfect for storing knives. This is one of my best buy. All my knives and garnish tools fitted perfectly in just one case. This is very affordable for the great material and pockets that it has, just what I was looking for. Very durable! I highly recommend it.